Hello, dear guests of this website!
My name is Ekaterina Druz (or Katya – shortly), and I am professional equine photographer from Russia, who is travelling now all over the world to discover and capture horse’s beauty and uniqueness.

Horses are my big love, passion and inspiration. Since I remember myself, my dream was to be near horses and see them happy. I started to work with horses when I turned 11, and after several years became a happy owner of Akhalteke gelding. We were enjoying several wonderful years of being together and discover how to work with each other, basing on free will and without violence or without applying too much of pressure. After his tragic death I started to search for a way to stay with horses and to be able to express love towards them, and photography turned out to be the best option.
Basic knowledge of composition and colors I took from an art school helped me to improve my photographic skills quite fast, and experience of years of horse handling was helping to understand a horse on photo sessions: how to ask certain things from an animal, how to predict horses’ intentions and create a playful mood, so horse will be revealing himself in front of the camera in a best way.

It seemed to be very logical to express all this love and admiration towards horses in photographs. From the very beginning I prefer to capture the horse in a moment of freedom, when he is running free at liberty, full of joy and energy, expressing himself, showing off in front of the camera. In these moments you can clearly see the personality of the horse and beauty of his strong, graceful body. I also love to make equine portraits, trying to reveal horse’s character and capture very conscious, intelligent eye expression horse is giving me sometimes, and it’s a very special moment every time I see it…
After several years of taking photography as a hobby, I found myself totally drowned in this process, I just couldn’t get enough! People started to purchase shootings of their horses from me, magazines started to publish my photos on the covers an articles…And I realized that, despite of my psychological degree, which I got in university, I don’t want any other job except photography, and definitely equine photography only!

So, here I am now, having the best ever job in the world, travelling, meeting incredible horses and people in different countries, trying to show through photographs all this diversity of equine culture all over the world.

I am running Equifoto – equine photo contest in Russia, making workshops and master classes on equine photography worldwide, co-operate with foreign companies in projects, related to equine photography, and arrange regularly personal exhibitions. There are many ideas to realize still, so stay tuned! I am open for new places and ideas, so feel free to CONTACT me, if you have something to discuss or ask!

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