Why it is so important to photograph your horse correctly? What kind of photoshootings are available, how to book a photo shooting with Ekaterina Druz.


Best way to develop your equine business
Photographs – is the best and most effective instrument to promote your horse, stud or equine services.
Horse, that depicted in a correct way on photographs, captured in a right moment in beautiful surrounding, will attract a lot of attention in social networks, brochures or any other advertising. Whether you are a horse breeder or a sportsman, you need a good image of you equine business and photographs will help to form it rapidly.
Capturing good moments with the horse you love
If you just a proud owner of amazing horse, which has special personality and you can’t wait to share you happiness with the world, photographs is the best way to do it! And good memories will stay with you in photos for a long time, bringing sweet emotions in your life.


Revealing the best in the horse
  To show horses from his best angles, in conformation shots, portraits or movements, photographer should know well equine anatomy and physiology. Without this knowledge there is a big chance that horse will look worse on photos than in reality, and it’s absolutely unacceptable if you are a breeder, horse seller or a sportsman.
  Professional equine photographer understands what phase of movement he needs to catch, either in dressage elements or at  liberty, to demonstrate maximum of horse’s potential and rider’s skills.

Understanding the horse
  If you want to see the character of the horse on photographs, you need to call a photographer, who approaches the horse as a personality with its own soul and special features.
  And, for sure, equine photographer should perfectly understand horses’ psychology and behavior to make a process of photographing easy and safe for both, horse and his owner.

Specific equipment
Horses’ proportions should be depicted correctly, and for this photographer needs special, quite expensive equipment: fast cameras and telephoto lenses. 


Important factors
Every photo session is an individual process, where different horses, conditions of shooting and other factors come together in unique way. However, every photo session requires proper preparation and good locations to make stunning photos. It means that it is very hard to create a masterpiece even with a gorgeous horse, if he will be shown in ugly surroundings. Picturesque landscapes,  beautiful architecture, mountains or sea create a great atmosphere on the photo. So, more varieties of locations we will have, more different and beautiful photos we can make.

Another important factor is the appearance of the horse. Well-muscled, shiny and clean horse definitely looks better, than dirty and hairy one.

During photo session it is strongly recommended to have 2-4 helpers, depending on situation, to attract horse’s attention and move him to the right direction.

The result
After photo session you will have around 5-10 fully edited photos per horse in high resolution, and around 50-150 good images with basic correction per photoshooting. Final quantity of photographs you will get depend on type of photo shooting, quantity of horses and variety of locations.

Types of possible photo shootings:
  •  Horse profile for selling. Includes conformation shots, portraits, gaits in liberty or/and under the saddle.
  •  Stud profile. Surroundings of the stud, life around stables, profiles of most important horses of the stud.
  •  Horse’s portfolio. Portraits, liberty, standing shots.
  •  Horse and human. Connection between person and his horse, work, training, posing together.
  •  Competitions and events. Photographing horse on shows, in dressage, showjumping competitions, eventing etc.

It's just an approximate description of types of photo shooting. You can choose what you need or combine several types in one photo session.

Prices and availability
I am photographing worldwide and available all year round. 
Prices are flexible, starts from 200 eur per horse and depend on quantity of horses, conditions of photoshooting, type of location and other factors. Discounts and special conditions are possible.
Please, feel free to CONTACT me to discuss all the details individually.