Ekaterina Druz is not only experienced horseman and photographer, but also a teacher. She was the first in Russia who regularly started to give workshops and different kind of lessons on equine photography, both practical and theoretical. If you want to learn equine photography or improve your skills in making pictures of horses, choose the most comfortable way for you to make it!


Workshops are always a great journey into horse photography, where intensive practical lessons combined with detailed theoretical discussions, so, you can immediately apply all tips and tricks Ekaterina is giving to you into practice and see the result. And this exciting educational process is framed into cultural context and speciality of the place, where workshop is held.

We select best horse models and unique locations to make every workshop unforgettable and to take the best out of it. During our shooting together we always have lot of fun and great adventures, which make workshops not only a learning process, but also an unforgettable vacations.

Usually workshops last 2-6 days, when all the participants staying together at horse club hotel and shooting every day, visiting different locations and tourism attractions of the country or region.
We are trying to cover all the possible scenarios during workshops, to give participants maximum diversity in shootings. 
Main scenarios for photo shootings are:
  • Horses in liberty, running free, playing
  • Herds of horses running free, pasturing in beautiful    landscapes
  • Portraits of horses
  • The horse and human, showing the bond and  communication
  • Horses in tradition of the country or place, where  workshop is going
  • Sports

Scenarios may vary in different countries and conditions

During theoretical lessons we will approach the following topics:
  • Choosing equipment for equine photography;
  • Understanding principles and technical aspects of how your equipment works;
  • Basic knowledge of composition, light and colors and other general photography issues;
  • Organizing photo-shootings with horses;
  • Specifications of shooting horses in different conditions and scenarios;
  • Understanding horse psychology and applying it to the photographic process;
  • Basics of photo post-processing.
Approximate number of participants: from 6 to 15 

If you want to take part in workshops, stay tuned to our NEWS here or on social nets and book the place to upcoming workshop.

Want to organize workshop at your place? CONTACT us to discuss details.


Individual lessons are perfect, if you want deeply and in short time learn equine photography in your own rhythm. The whole lesson will be build according to your requests and questions; it can be theoretical, or practical+theoretical. Practice can be organized by Ekaterina at some horse club or at the place where you would like to photograph. 
If you want to know more about handling your camera, how to edit photos or what is the specialty of certain genre of equine photography, we will discuss it, supporting our discussion with photo illustrations and then will try to train certain skills in photo shooting. You will be guided attentively during the whole lesson, recieving a feedback and help anytime you need it.
You can have as many lessons as you need.

If you are interested in booking an individual lesson, CONTACT us and we will discuss details.



Theoretical master classes are perfect for a big auditory of people, and usually organized as a part of a program of horse-related exhibitions or big equine shows. Although it’s just theoretical information, it can be very useful for newbies and amateurs: widely illustrated with photo examples, comparing good photos with bad ones, these master classes giving you very important knowledge background.

If you want to organize or attend theoretical master class, feel free to CONTACT us.